About Slyde International Services Limited


SLYDE INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED is a privately owned educational consultancy company which was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission {CAC} the only Nigerian Government body that regulates the registration of Companies in Nigeria with registration number {RC 921938} in the year 2010.

It was established to meet the demand from students and institutions for efficient international University/College placement services. As an organization borne out of the desire to provide Professional Consultancy Services, we specialize in recruiting students and committed to provide exceptional services towards placing many Nigerian Students in Institutions abroad for both undergraduate and post graduate degree programs.

SLYDE INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED is one of the leading educational services organization providing a new generation of counseling and placement services to international students globally. We are committed to bringing you the premium study options through our association with quality education providers in United Kingdom, Canada, France, Ireland, USA, and Australia. The Company has a team of fully trained professionals and friendly staff ready to provide any information regarding study abroad opportunities and immigration guidelines. We performs our obligations with transparency, honesty, devotion and confidence. We are committed to dynamic growth and excellent services built upon a high degree of trust and professionalism. We feel proud in making efforts to position the company and our partner institutions in the forefront of the National Arena.

SLYDE INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED has grown tremendously since inception. We have successfully taken over 500 students to study Abroad and most of our new clients have been through referrals. They talk about how honest, reliable and how well connected we are all over Nigeria and we can boldly say that our company is one of the best in Nigeria. Below are the fundamental tenets and core principles that has kept us dedicated in providing excellence in all our consultancy services over the years.



The Vision of the Company is to be recognized in Nigeria and Africa as a leading Professional Educational Consultancy Service provider.

To also offer Corporate Training and Development initiative that will suit the peculiarity and complexity of each Clients and Organization through our partner institutions


Being a bridge across cultures and support for academic pursuit of this generation: Our experienced education counselors are ready to advise students on courses and career opportunities according to their educational background, interests, aptitude, and aspirations.

Sustaining a broad network with education providers: We constructively suggest and implement wide ranges of study options and programs to meet the needs of our students.


To continue to attract and develop the most able students and Staff Worldwide.

To develop our range of Consultancy Services to meet the changing needs of our prospective students.

To establish our organization as the leading in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

To communicate widely the significance of foreign education, the purpose and ultimate benefits of our services in particular.