In Ireland

Requirement for Study Visa in Ireland

  • Letter of acceptance from the college confirming that you have been accepted on a full-time(minimum) of 15 hours per week) course of study for a period of one academic year and that course fee have been paid I full
  • Except in the case of English (TOEFL) or (IELTS)
  • Evidence that you have enough fund (€7000) to maintain yourself for the initial part of your stay.
  • In addition to your course fees, evidence that you or sponsor has access it at least €7000 for each subsequent year of studies.
  • Private medical insurance(this can be arrange by the college)
  • Confirmation that you intend to return to your country of permanent residence when you leave Ireland.
  • Fully complete application form, and submit your photographs and fee. You must provide full details of your previous education on the application form.


In addition to the signed application form, please also submit a signed letter of application.

Outlining your reason for coming to study in Ireland.

Evidence that you have private medical insurance. Cover private medical insurance cover is required. Your college may arrange this on o your behalf. If so, details of this must be included in your letter of acceptance from the college. If it is not arranged by the college, you must organize this yourself and provide evidence with your application.


Why Study in Ireland

  • The quality of Irish higher education is widely recognized throughout the world.
  • world’s leading host country for higher education
  • over 200000 students around the world
  • international students can work part-time(approximately 20-40 hrs / week)
  • Excellent wages: €8 9 p/hr.
  • faster growing economy in the world
  • one of the best education system in Europe(2004 in the world competitive report)


Internships/work-permit and easy settlement opportunities for international students after study.